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"I wanted to create books that inspired children"

- Diane Alber

All my books are inspired by my own children!

About me

Diane Alber has had a passion for art since she held her first crayon at age two, which inspired her to subsequently earn a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from Arizona State University. She is a wife and a mother of two young energetic children who love books. She became inspired to start writing and illustrating books because she saw a need for a book that inspired art and creativity in children. Her series later evolved to cover topics that are hard to explain to children, like emotions,actions and life skills. She hopes that her entire series inspires creativity and encourages children to become the best that they can be!

How it all started....

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A Little SPOT...books will give your child the tools needed to help them make good choices and manage their difficult thoughts and emotions! This video explains how these Little SPOTS came to be....

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