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All Feelings Matter.
Evidence-Based Study:
Evidence for the Effectiveness of a Social and Emotional Learning Program Among Elementary School Students

Dr. Jennifer Cole and Dr. Brett Bessen

Over a 12-week period, students participating in A Little SPOT’s program improved their social and emotional skills significantly more than students who did not participate. Students participating in the program improved on average by about 0.40 points on the four-point scale used to measure their social and emotional skills, an approximately14% increase on a measure of skills including resolving problems with their peers, focusing on tasks, and empathizing with others. 

"I love to use the spot books in

 my classroom both as a  teaching tool 

but also as a resource to the kids to be 

able to work out their emotions..."

-Mrs. Jockisch 
Pre-K Teacher 

Today was favorite book character day! Of course we dressed up as the little spots. Our students were so obsessed, it was such a fun day! 

- Katie Thermann

SPED Teacher

Photo Credit to Dee Larson-Teacher

Here is what I used for our morning meetings in summer school! 

- Miss B

Pre-K Teacher

These little spots have been SUPER helpful

 for my kiddos to help identify and relate to

 their emotions. I use the books alllll the time and now I get to use my new plushies!!! 

- Counselor Molly

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