REGULAR-A Little SPOT of Feelings and Emotions FLASHCARDS


Diane Alber

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64 Regular 5"x4" Feeling and Emotion flashcards!

PERFECT FOR COUNSELORS, CAREGIVERS, TEACHERS AND PARENTS: Teachers can use these in the classroom in small or large groups, parents can use them to help their children understand emotions and connect with them in great conversation and mental health professionals can use them to aid in therapy and help children identify their feelings.

SUPPORTS SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL LEARNING: Children will learn how to identify a wide range of feelings and emotions which can help a child show empathy, self control and to be more self aware.

COLORFUL FUN CARDS: 64 brightly illustrated cards are sized at 5" by 4" inches for easy viewing and small hands. These cards help develop emotional and social intelligence.

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Dana Booth

REGULAR-A Little SPOT of Feelings and Emotions FLASHCARDS

Linda Bryant-Klaft
High quality cards with a multitude of uses

I purchased both the Regular and the Jumbo flash cards. Both are extremely high quality, meaning they will likely stand the test of multiple little hands manipulating them. That is important! They are colorful and engaging with a multitude of uses! I am excited to use them this coming fall!

Jordyn Scheiner

Perfect for those that don’t yet have a large emotional vocabulary.

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