REGULAR-A Little SPOT of Feelings and Emotions FLASHCARDS


Diane Alber

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64 Regular 5"x4" Feeling and Emotion flashcards!

PERFECT FOR COUNSELORS, CAREGIVERS, TEACHERS AND PARENTS: Teachers can use these in the classroom in small or large groups, parents can use them to help their children understand emotions and connect with them in great conversation and mental health professionals can use them to aid in therapy and help children identify their feelings.

SUPPORTS SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL LEARNING: Children will learn how to identify a wide range of feelings and emotions which can help a child show empathy, self control and to be more self aware.

COLORFUL FUN CARDS: 64 brightly illustrated cards are sized at 5" by 4" inches for easy viewing and small hands. These cards help develop emotional and social intelligence.

Customer Reviews

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Great for a calm down area

I’ve started using these as a starting point when helping my preschoolers calm down when upset or angry. Many times they don’t have the words to tell me how they feel so we go through the cards originally just looking at the pictures and when they see a spot that looks like how they are feeling they tell me and we talk about the feeling and what it means and why they are feeling that way and usually turns to a corresponding book to figure out how to help that feeling get smaller.


These have worked so much better than some of my other feeling/emotion education tools. Working in children’s mental health, these cards give the kids a fun way to work on recognizing and communicating their emotions and feelings.

Best emotion set I've ever had!

I own a specialized gymnastics studio where we cater to kids with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We talk about emotions, feelings, pragmatics and strategies all the time. This book set with the plush toys is the best I've ever had as a teacher and therapist. I love it so much I've shared it all over social media and and back to buy more. The kids LOVE the book & emojis, I referred parents here as well.

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