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REGULAR-A Little SPOT of Feelings and Emotions FLASHCARDS


Diane Alber

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64 Regular 5"x4" Feeling and Emotion flashcards!

PERFECT FOR COUNSELORS, CAREGIVERS, TEACHERS AND PARENTS: Teachers can use these in the classroom in small or large groups, parents can use them to help their children understand emotions and connect with them in great conversation and mental health professionals can use them to aid in therapy and help children identify their feelings.

SUPPORTS SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL LEARNING: Children will learn how to identify a wide range of feelings and emotions which can help a child show empathy, self control and to be more self aware.

COLORFUL FUN CARDS: 64 brightly illustrated cards are sized at 5" by 4" inches for easy viewing and small hands. These cards help develop emotional and social intelligence.

Customer Reviews

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Rita Benson

Love using these Feelings and Emotions cards with small groups! Wish I had ordered the larger pack too!

Linda Grandolfo

Great visual with lots of uses for my clients.

Useful but not consistent with curriculum

The kids I work with enjoy the cards and they do great with emotion identification. My only problem I had was that the faces on some of the cards do not match the faces from the emotions poster in the curriculum. For example, the Love emotion on the poster is the exact same as the Treasured on the cards. It would have been nice to use the Love emotion face from the poster for the Love card and a different face used for Treasured. And there are two goofy cards. I wish I had noticed this before purchasing.

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