A Little SPOT Reading Buddies Book and Toys Set

Diane Alber


A Little SPOT Reading Buddies Set includes plushies of the two main children from every SPOT book as well as a mini letter purple learning plush! It also contains a hardcover book, A Little SPOT Learns to Read, and a fun dustjacket poster as well!

 A Little SPOT series was developed to help children learn how to manage their emotions, valuable life skills, and hard-to-explain topics. These books have fun, colorful illustrations with easy-to-identify characters for young readers, yet are entertaining and informative for adults, too! A Little SPOT book series is geared toward children ages 4-10. They are great for early readers and elementary school students. These books are also excellent resources for counselors, parents, caregivers, and teachers.



Customer Reviews

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Alberta Casanova
Love it!

I love the plushies. I can't wait to share with my preschool class this Fall.

Dorrien Hendrickson
Absolutely love this set!

I bought this set to add to my other spots and books for my SPED Resource room. I am using them for my kindergarten summer school class and the kids are in love with them. Thank you for adding the children to be with the Spots!

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