Never Let A Dinosaur Scribble!


Diane Alber

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Dinosaurs are pretty strong and powerful, so why can't they scribble?This story is about a little boy who keeps hearing, "Never let a dinosaur scribble!" But in his heart believes that people just don't understand how beautiful scribbling can be. He wonders what would happen if he just gave him one crayon to scribble with, and realizes that the dinosaur had other ideas in mind! The dinosaur ends up creating too much, creating a whole new set of problems. But with a little imagination makes the most magnificent art! And realizes that at first things can look like a disaster but in the end become a true masterpiece!

Customer Reviews

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Linda Meeker
Not appropriate for 3 yr old

Didn’t like the story. Didn’t like the book at all. I expected much more and I am very disappointed

Aimee Butcher
Its ok

I have the book, Never Let a Unicorn Scribble, and I thought this one was a copy cat of the other book.

Michelle Larsen
Great book for kids that like art.

Loved this story. So very cute. I plan to give it to my nephews for Easter. Along with large pad of paper, markers, and crayons. Later, when school is out I plan to take paints and we all scribble on rocks.

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