Never Let A Unicorn Box Set


Diane Alber

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Three bestselling Unicorn picture books by Diane Alber that celebrate imagination and creativity!

This series is fun and creative with the three books coming together as a celebration of imagination and creativity. It is perfect as a bedtime series, to teach important life skills and bring some fun back into reading time!

The stories follow a little girl on a quest with her unicorn. The element of surprise is ever-present with the little girl being faced with teaching her unicorn to scribble, her unicorn getting odd behaving spots and crashing a party.

This box set includes 3 Hardcover Books:

1. Never Let A Unicorn Scribble...
2. Never Let A Unicorn Crash A Party!
3. Never Let A Unicorn Get SPOTS!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Doris Spence
Super cute!

Great illustrations and simple story telling. Grandkids love them! Thank you so much. Great company and great communication!

Christa Youngblood
Loved it!

My 3 year old nephew loves these books!

Kimberley Thornburg
Kind of boring.

Kids didn’t seem impressed. Neither was I bc it had no substance to it. Just make believe, exaggerations, with no moral or foundational truths.

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