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(PLUSH ONLY) Feeling Detective Plush

Diane Alber


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8” Feeling Detective plush with zipper back (Plush Only, no minis it is EMPTY) 

For Canada orders we are currently stocking at Odin books in Vancouver


The Feeling Detective Plush with its cute magnifying glass is the perfect helping hand to teachers and parents to help children understand feelings and emotions.

The plush is soft, colorful and a great hands-on educational tool that makes the learning experience much more tangible. The plush ensures interaction and creates mystery children enjoy. 

Its zipper back creates the options to:

  • Unpack feelings!
  • Explore individual emotions!
  • Combine feelings!
  • Contain emotions!
  • Store feelings!

The Feeling Detective Plush pairs well with the Plush Toy Bundles and the Feelings Detective Plush Sets!

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Jane Ayers
Kids Love It!

The plush with all of the spots inside really helps my younger students understand the concept of how we can have more than one feeling at a time. They also look forward to guessing which feelings we are going to pull out and talk about today. They love the rainbow when we have our feelings under control. I have used more than I ever imagined that I would in my special education resource groups!

Debbie Weinberger
Nice addition to my Spots collection

I am a school counselor and use the Little Spot of Feelings spots all the time. This large plush is a nice way to transport my spots to the various classrooms that I teach in. The students love it and the smaller spots!

Nicole Castilleja
Best present

My baby cousin is non verbal and is learning to express himself with the help of the little spot of feelings series. He was SO excited when he opened his present to find the emotion detective. Amazing quality and perfect size!

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