Scribble Stones


Diane Alber

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A heartwarming story about a little stone who was able to spread kindness to the world!

This story starts off with a little stone who thinks he will be become something amazing but then soon realizes he had become a dull paper weight. He's on a mission to become something greater and in the process meets scribble and splatter and they all come up a creative way to bring joy to thousands of people. If you loved I'm Not just a Scribble... then you'll love Scribble Stones! And you'll even be inspired to make some scribble stones of your own!

Customer Reviews

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Cassie Booker
Cute book

It wasn’t the quality I was expecting

Dr. Nancy Labore
Grandkids Loved It!

Great story with an important message to accompany rock painting activity while at Nana’s house. Has become one of their favorites!

Moriarty Susan

It't a cute book that we will send on to our great nieces and nephews. I also purchased it for a friend from HS who lives in the San Diego, Ca. area and turned a vacant lot in his town into a Rock Garden. People Paint rocks, with words, or scenes and leave it there in one of the garden areas. There are trails that meander through the various gardens, and people have come from all over the country and world, It is in Encinitas. (On FB, Dave's Rock Garden).

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