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(Bundle)Scribble, Scribble Stones and Stickers Bundle

Stones and scribble

Diane Alber

$29.99 Regular price $46.97

This bundle is perfect for classroom and at home use, exciting kids with its fun and expressive stories. The books are very funny and wonderfully articulate feelings and emotions, helping children identify and understand these concepts.

The stickers guarantee great enjoyment of learning about emotions and feelings, with endless sticker combinations to engage with emotions and have creative fun!

This bundle includes:

  • One hardcover "I'm Not Just A Scribble" book
  • One hardcover "Scribble Stones" book and
  • One "Scribble Sticker Book" with 1400 stickers

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Absolutely Amazing!

My students love all the little spot books and these just added so much more creativity and fun for them!!

Kirsten Frazier
Great package

I will be using this with my classes in the next school year....a great way to help build empathy!

Michelle Ekross
Surprise Posters!

I had lost the first I’m not just a scribble book so when I ordered this bundle I was very surprised and pleased to find the posters behind the book jackets! I am glad I ordered this bundle.

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