A Little SPOT of Confidence: A Story About Believing In Yourself


Diane Alber

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Confidence plays an important role in a child’s future happiness, health, and success. Confident children are better equipped to deal with peer pressure, challenges and negative emotions. A little SPOT of Confidence is a story that uses an orange spot to help a child visual there confidence spot growing or shrinking. It shows a child real world situations on how they can grow their confidence SPOT.

It offers creative strategies for children to set goals and have a positive outlook too! Today is a new day! I will have a great start.
I will listen to the voice inside my heart.
I will let good thoughts inside my mind
and tell myself: I am brave, I am loving, I am kind.

The goal of this series of books is to give children the tools needed to identity what emotion they are feeling and how to properly manage that emotion. Don't forget to check out the rest in the series!
A Little SPOT of Anxiety
A Little SPOT of Anger
A Little SPOT of Kindness

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