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A Little SPOT of Emotion Box Set (8 Books: Anger, Anxiety, Peaceful, Happiness, Sadness, Confidence, Love, & Scribble Emotion)


Diane Alber

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Emotions are complex and difficult to explain – even for grown-ups! This box set is educators and parents’ perfect helping hand in explaining basic emotions. The Little SPOT of Emotion Box Set teaches about happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety, love, confidence, peacefulness and a mix of it all through a little scribble!

Soon your students or little one will display an unexpected maturity in identifying and navigating emotions. This box set makes teaching emotions easy for you and learning about emotions fun for children!

This box set includes 8 Emotion Books:
A Little SPOT of Anger
A Little SPOT of Anxiety
A Little SPOT of Happiness
A Little SPOT of Sadness
A Little SPOT of Love
A Little SPOT of Confidence
A Little Peaceful SPOT
A Little Scribble SPOT


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Customer Reviews

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Bridgette Britt
My sons favorite book right now

He loves the main book A scribble spot. He loves talking about his emotions now and how he feels every single day. We use the tools to try and calm down every single day. Thank you so much for these books and tools. These books help me just as much as my son.

Pamela G.
Review of Little Spot of Emotions.

I think the books explain the emotions well and give good tips on how to handle negative emotions and build positive emotions.

Just what we need!

Our daughter is 4.5 years old and has big emotions! She enjoys the books and asks questions applying some of the concepts. She is still young; however, these books plant seeds and she has started to reference the lessons and will even ask for a specific book that she thinks is applicable to her current need. These books are a great tool for parent and child to navigate emotions.

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