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A Little SPOT of Emotion Box Set (8 Books: Anger, Anxiety, Peaceful, Happiness, Sadness, Confidence, Love, & Scribble Emotion)


Diane Alber

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Emotions are complex and difficult to explain – even for grown-ups! This box set is educators and parents’ perfect helping hand in explaining basic emotions. The Little SPOT of Emotion Box Set teaches about happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety, love, confidence, peacefulness and a mix of it all through a little scribble!

Soon your students or little one will display an unexpected maturity in identifying and navigating emotions. This box set makes teaching emotions easy for you and learning about emotions fun for children!

This box set includes 8 Emotion Books:
A Little SPOT of Anger
A Little SPOT of Anxiety
A Little SPOT of Happiness
A Little SPOT of Sadness
A Little SPOT of Love
A Little SPOT of Confidence
A Little Peaceful SPOT
A Little Scribble SPOT


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Customer Reviews

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Brad T
Too much focus on the “down” emotions (anger, anxiety and sadness)

We read them all but took them away after a few days because our son only began to focus on negative emotions. He’s never been anxious and we just bought the set as a preemptive thing in case he started to have issues, maybe we could lay a ground work prior to.
It may work for some but for us, it only magnifies the emotions with negative connotations.

Michael Stuart
Amazing series!

My son is 5 years old and like with any growing child, he has a lot of emotions that he doesn’t know what to do with. We figured we’d try the series because even if it didn’t give him clarity on his emotions, at least we had books that were colorful and maybe eventually he’d get it. Well, not only did he love and understand the material, we now see the gears turning every time he’s sussing through whatever he’s feeling. He enjoyed it so much that we bought the other two sets. We are currently reading the second set for more specific feelings and he’s still all in. Great series, would highly recommend.

Perfect level of depth

My 3 year old has always had huge feelings that she didn’t know how to handle and her language has always been advanced. She LOVES books so that’s usually how we try to teach her things or explain complex subjects. She is obsessed with these books! Her favorites are anger and love, which, appropriate. We have read these every single night at bedtime since the day they arrived!

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