8 MINI Emotion Plush Toys with A Little SPOT of Feelings Hardcover Book Box Set


Diane Alber


***I only have a limited supply.***

This set is a COMPANION to the bestselling books "A Little SPOT of Emotion Books Box Set"! This set comes with one newly released hardcover special edition "A Little SPOT of Feelings: Emotion Detective" book with all 8 Emotion plush toys!

This set includes: 

1 Hardcover book: A Little SPOT of Feelings: Emotion Detective (special edition hardcover book not included in any other book box set) 

8 plush toys 

The PLUSH TOYS included are: Anger, Anxiety, Peaceful, Sadness, Happiness, Love, Confidence and Scribble (Tangled).

Each you is 3” long and 2” high 

*Plush toys are not sold separately at this time and are only available in this box set.








Customer Reviews

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My almost 3 year old is now obsessed with her feelings chart, and needs to know how everyone that comes to the house is feeling. She’s also grasping the concept of feelings other than happy, sad, and mad. Great stuff!

Pam Quevedo
Perfect size for displaying!

This is SPOT on what I was looking for! I am all about implementing SEL strategies in my classroom and often find that students are unable to decipher their feelings. I am starting the year by putting this in front of my whiteboard and talking about each spot. Whenever a student is feeling an emotion they rather not express they will take the spot to their desk and instantly I'll know that I need to touch base with that student! Thank you so much for creating this amazing resource!

Gina Ager
Great tool for increasing emotional intelligence

I love using the emotion plush toys and books with my clients. Especially clients ages 3-5. Such a helpful tool to help kiddos increase their understanding of emotions, and help them feel more comfortable to talk about them.

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