8 MINI Emotion Plush Toys with A Little SPOT of Feelings Hardcover Book Box Set


Diane Alber

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***Available July 2021 please use the “notify me” button so I can email you when they are in stock. I only have a limited supply.***

This set is a COMPANION to the bestselling books "A Little SPOT of Emotion Books Box Set"! This set comes with one newly released hardcover special edition "A Little SPOT of Feelings: Emotion Detective" book with all 8 Emotion plush toys!

This set includes: 

1 Hardcover book: A Little SPOT of Feelings: Emotion Detective (not included in any other book box set) 

8 plush toys 

The PLUSH TOYS included are: Anger, Anxiety, Peaceful, Sadness, Happiness, Love, Confidence and Scribble (Tangled).

*Plush toys are not sold separately and are only available in this box set.








Customer Reviews

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So lovely!

These are so wonderful, and I cannot wait to use them in sessions with clients! Thank you so much!

My son LOVES these and the books as well!

Our son has been having a tough time expressing his big emotions and since we ordered these plush toys, with the emotion books, he has been able to identify and describe his emotions so clearly. Still working through how we shrink some of those emotion spots by using our Peaceful spot but he is really progressing with these and absolutely loves them. He takes them in his backpack everyday to school and they sleep with him in bed at night. One very insightful thing we noticed right away is we always thought he had anger outbursts but the anxiety spot is the one he uses quite often. We have recommended this program to his school.

Kids love it

I put them up through my classroom and the kids love it. I put the confidence spot next to the turn in bin and it really makes them think:)

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