*DIGITAL EDUCATOR GUIDE BUNDLE* A Little SPOT of Feelings & Emotions Educator Guide AND A Little SPOT of Life Skills and Actions Educator Guide(Digital Format ONLY)

Diane Alber

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This bundle includes DIGITAL Versions of:

A Little SPOT of Feelings & Emotions Educator Guide (Digital Format ONLY)

A Little SPOT of Life Skills & Actions Educator Guide (Digital Format ONLY)

These two digital guides are an educator's right hand in teaching feelings, emotions and life skills and contains the complete Social Emotional Learning Curriculum. It was created to be everything a teacher or parent might need, and has room for creativity and adaptation for different ages.

The guides boast plenty useful resources such as lesson plans, hands-on activities, STEM and worksheets. Both guides present important learning content in a way that is exciting, interactive and of the highest standard.

These guides go well with the Little Spot book Series or the 17 Plush Toy Bundle with Books, Stickers and Poster!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Michelle Campbell
Love this!

Such a great resource to use with my first graders to increase their emotional vocabulary! Just getting started with it, but I am excited to continue this important content presented in such a fun and meaningful way!

Beth Hall
Wonderful product!

I love these two resources! Having them on my computer allows me to print off the color pages I need. I love these little spots! I use this with my 1st graders at school and with my kids at home.

Beth Ketcher
Great Program

I am loving teaching this program to my students and they are enjoying it too,

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