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Feeling Detective Plush with 8 mini emotions


Diane Alber

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8” Feeling Detective with 8 mini plushies (3") - the back of the big plush has a zipper where the 8 mini plushies perfectly fit inside. 

The Feelings Detective Plush with 8 mini plushies is a fun tool with endless options that aids educators and parents in teaching children about feelings in an interactive way. It is your classroom or home’s personal emotion-detecting Sherlock Holmes!

Games such as throwing feelings around, children choosing feelings or demonstrating a held plushie’s feeling can be paired with fun detective games. 8 mini plushies fit perfectly inside – creating options to explain feeling concepts collectively or individually.

If you already have the mini plushies and just want the feelings detective plush only you can get it HERE

For Canada orders we are currently stocking at Odin books in Vancouver


Customer Reviews

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Feeling Detective Plush with 8 mini emotions

Linda Bryant-Klaft
Adorable, tangible way for children to check in with their emotions!

My students have been thrilled by this new addition to our feelings check-ins! One little boy even insisted on bringing his teacher to my office so he could introduce them to her! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

Lydia Soeparmo

Love these little spots. Where I had to buy 2 pairs of everything. One for each kid. These little spots has helped my son tremendously with expressing his emotions.

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