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My almost 3 year old is now obsessed with her feelings chart, and needs to know how everyone that comes to the house is feeling. She’s also grasping the concept of feelings other than happy, sad, and mad. Great stuff!

Perfect size for displaying!

This is SPOT on what I was looking for! I am all about implementing SEL strategies in my classroom and often find that students are unable to decipher their feelings. I am starting the year by putting this in front of my whiteboard and talking about each spot. Whenever a student is feeling an emotion they rather not express they will take the spot to their desk and instantly I'll know that I need to touch base with that student! Thank you so much for creating this amazing resource!


I absolutely love these books for my classroom and at home with my kids! They are a great tool to have when teaching children about all of their many different feelings and emotions!

Educator Mini Bundle Plush

A Little SPOT of Emotion Box Set (8 Books: Anger, Anxiety, Peaceful, Happiness, Sadness, Confidence, Love, & Scribble Emotion)

Great tool for increasing emotional intelligence

I love using the emotion plush toys and books with my clients. Especially clients ages 3-5. Such a helpful tool to help kiddos increase their understanding of emotions, and help them feel more comfortable to talk about them.

*SET* BIG Plush Emotion
Sheryl Reffner

The clients I work with love them!


These books are fun, engaging, and my students love them. Thank you for creating such great stories that help students learn so many important skills.

Educator Kit (NO PLUSHIES)

Perfect way to engage kids

I use these books, as well as the plushie box set in my therapy practice. They really appeal to kids (and even some adults) and help people identify emotions in an inviting way.

Great Value Set

This is a great package that has each emotion and one book that reviews them all in a cute way that turns the kids into emotion detectives. I think it is a great value set.

my granddaughter loves the series

Unicorn Coloring Book
Judith Oldiges

Can’t wait til my great grandaughter sees this birthday present

I would like both educator book can you give me the cost , (hard cover) not down load.

8 MINI Emotion Plush Toys with A Little SPOT of Feelings Hardcover Book Box Set

Great for Pediatric Occupational Therapy!

These are fabulous tools and the kids love them. I am a Diane Alber fan because my clients connect with the characters in her books. Great for Pediatric Occupational Therapy! - Hana Eichele, MOT, OTR/L, Founder of Roots Pediatric Therapy in Mesa, AZ

A Little SPOT of Emotion Box Set (8 Books: Anger, Anxiety, Peaceful, Happiness, Sadness, Confidence, Love, & Scribble Emotion)


I was pleasantly surprised how well made these were. I was also surprised how big they were. I am anxious to put them to use in my classroom.

Scribble Stones
Cassie Booker
Cute book

It wasn’t the quality I was expecting

love the books perfect for my grand daughter

*SET* BIG Plush Emotion
Stephanie Mitsakos
These are wonderful!

My students love that I have these big, new plushes. They get excited and can help to make some of the lessons more interactive. I love all of the possibilities I have to use them in classroom lessons or group or individual counseling sessions because of the pockets they have. Love these so much!

( Educator Guide) A Little SPOT of Feelings & Emotions (Spiral Bound)

Great books for special needs children.

Never Let a Unicorn Crash a Party!

Love this series!

I bought this series because my autistic bonus son was struggling with big emotions. I was worried that at 8 he was too old for it, but he loved it so much I bough a set for my 3 and 4 year old grandkids too. My daughter said it's their most requested book, and the anxious 4 year old has been using the calming techniques without any prompting. And all of the adults have gotten useful tips from the books too!
The sets aren't cheap, but they're worth every penny. And the customer service is fantastic too, I had an issue with a missing order that was taken care of immediately and only took an email from me.
I'll be buying from this author as long as I have little humans with big feelings in my world!

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