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The kids love seeing the spots

Because my students like seeing it so much I’m very glad I bought the lanyard. It’s a little pricey.

Teacher Lanyard A Little SPOT

A Little SPOT of Learning Box Set (8 Books: Kind Words, Friendship, Learning with Emotions, Goes to School, Letters, Words, Reading, Math)

Teacher Lanyard A Little SPOT

I have not recieved them

I have not received them

A Little SPOT of Anger- Download Activity Printable

Served its purpose

I bought the replacement scribble for a student of mine who loved him from the start when I introduced the curriculum. He worked on his positive behavior and earned himself his own scribble and confidence plushie (those are his favorite). My only upset was that they didn’t feel the same as the originals. Now my student was still very happy but even he noticed the difference. The replacement is more like a smaller, not as soft version. Otherwise it’s perfect and my students and I can’t get enough of these spots! :)

National Scribble Day Printout

Loved seeing my autistic preschoolers recognize the spots!

I'm teaching feelings/emotions to my special ed preschoolers. They are non-verbal and this helps. They know a lot more than they can express verbally and icons are a big part of this! I use the video and pics I bought from Diane Alber. I received my lanyard, put it on, and didn't call any attention to it. It makes my heart smile big when I see one of the kiddos' faces light up when they see it and smile big. Thanks, Diane!

Cute and comfortable

I don’t like lanyards.
But this one’s A-Maz-Ing!!
The kids love it too!!

The students love it! They point out their emotions using it

Teacher Lanyard A Little SPOT

Love it!

I was able to use this resource to create fun activities for my students! They love being detectives and using their magnifying glasses during our story time!

Teacher Lanyard A Little SPOT

I work in special education I use the books often!
I would love if you made carpet spots and spots that i can put down in the i as well! Maybe in the gym too!! Think about it!

101 Get to Know Me Conversation Cards

BIG PURPLE Learning Plush

As a primary counselor these educators guides are awesome. I can’t wait to plan a lesson.


Love the lanyard-and my students do too!!

Courage Cards-Download Activity Printable

My First Emotions Coloring Sheets

Teacher Lanyard A Little SPOT

Emotion coach poster printables

My kid love it!

My kids absolutely love this lanyard. They reference it regularly when we're talking about emotions, and I'll sometimes point to the spots when checking in with them as well- pointing to the learning spot is always a helpful reminder! My only small complaint is that the back of the lanyard can be a little irritating on my neck, but it's never bothered me enough to take it off!

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