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They are awesome

Love tgem

Super cute and my students love them!

Stephanie Crawford-Moore
Great Investment

There are so many uses for these cards.

We love them!

Can’t wait to add the smaller size to our little spot of emotion family!

Amazing for children with mood and behavior concerns!!

This series is not just for education, it is a fundamental building block for helping children develop emotional regulation. We love this series and use it daily within our practice. - Dr. Nikki Woller, Ph.D., LCSW

BIG Plush Emotion Set
Jeremy Taylor
Critical for parents, teachers, therapists, and coaches

If you have or work with kids on a SEL level these adorable and durable little spots are for you!! These guys take Diane’s incredible books to an all new hands on level! Making lessons, cuddle time, and teaching moments even more powerful. Kids just love these spots! They are soft, squishy, cuddly, and super durable! I will actually be ordering even more sets as gifts!

A Little Respectful SPOT

Perfect for those that don’t yet have a large emotional vocabulary.

BIG Plush Emotion Set
Nicole Senneca
One of the best teaching tools

I teach students with special needs and the spots are the tool I have been missing to teach social emotional skills. Students love them and they are such a helpful visual to accompany the books! My students truly identify with the spots and have been helpful when students need to calm themselves. I would recommend these to any teacher!!

BIG Scribble Plush
Brittney Hyde
So cute and soft!

The plush is so cute and soft and I love the pocket! My kiddos are so excited about the curriculum just from seeing the mini plush and this large one!

A Little SPOT of Feelings & Emotions Educator Guide (Spiral Bound)

BIG Plush Emotion Set
Sunny Saperstein
Cute and Soft

We each have an emotion plushy but my kid likes them so much that he wouldn’t let go of them! Great way for younger kids to expressed themselves if they’re shy, but might not for older kids. Older kids (including adults) like them because they’re soft and huggable!

Scribble Stones
Susan Panther
Too Good Not To Share

Love this book. Creative and positive. I love a good call to action book. My first grade student and I painted stones with a neighbor. They decided to make one for each family member to share. My stone, a love bug, was given to a little sister. A retiring teacher friend loved my "Bee Grateful" Bee stone. I took the book up to the school that I sub at for the Kindergarten and first grade team to see. I have no doubt they will be getting books in the future and planning a Scribble Stone day. You are an inspiration. Thank you.

Absolutely Wonderful

I use these books in my preschool classroom and they are absolutely wonderful!! They are simple enough for my 3 year olds to understand and engage with and have started some great conversations during circle time. I highly recommend them!

awesome. Nice visual cards that are easy on the eyes! My students love them!

Never Let A Unicorn Box Set
Kimberley Thornburg
Kind of boring.

Kids didn’t seem impressed. Neither was I bc it had no substance to it. Just make believe, exaggerations, with no moral or foundational truths.

JUMBO-A Little SPOT of Feelings and Emotions FLASHCARDS

Amazing Resource!!!!

This resource has been invaluable since getting it in the mail a few weeks ago. I’ve used so many ideas to teach about emotions to my students. I super love that I also received a PDF copy making it easy to find resources quickly. I look forward to buying the rest of your books and resources because they are fabulously designed and engaging with kids of all ages. Thank you for making learning about emotions so fun for staff and students.

Awesome set of books!

I love reading these with my kids. The illustrations are fun and each story has a simple, kind and meaningful lesson. I recommend them often.

Love them 💕

My two boys enjoy them a lot, thank you for creating this beautiful books!

kelly Gorby
Absolutely LOVE!!!

Absolutely love these sets! Perfect amount of writing to keep the kids engaged and I love that it provides examples to help kids understand! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Perfection!!

Scribble Stones
Chris Foley
Excellent book!

We enjoyed it and it fits in with the kids world it to my library! On the list! Bless you for your insight!

Many of the same stickers

Too many of the same sticker

Making Plans

I went through the books and started making plans for my k-3 social emotional learning lessons. I am soo excited.

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