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Helpful in teaching and learning about emotions

These little plushies are so helpful in teaching little ones about emotions. It also helps them to have a tangible item to talk about how they are feeling, and even divide the feelings into comfortable feelings vs uncomfortable feelings. This is a great resource for parents and educators!

The life lessons explained!

Finally a full set (continuing off of each book) of life lessons explained with kid examples! Very relatable and my kids keep asking for more.


Amazing books, so relatable and really good reading for my 6 year old with anxiety disorder! Thank you for creating this series of books and the matching stuffy’s! 🖤

My grandson sleeps with ir

Love what it teaches

National Scribble Day Printout

Love it

The social emotional learning kit has been a life changer for some of my students. Every day they are drawing their emotion spots and relating how they feel to these spots. It is so age appropriate for my kindergarten students. So grateful to find this program.


My son has been using these everyday at school. He loves peaceful spot and confidence. I bought him a set for home and/ or ABA. He will be 12 on the 24th of this month. I cant wait to see his face when he opens them. He's also going to Jr high so he will need his own set

Courage Cards-Download Activity Printable

So Enchanting!!

I cannot wait to see the kids at the tables painting these stones. And I am hoping that some imaginative things come out of this experience. Thank you for your work. Blessings.

Scribble Stones
Sarah Wenger

We love it!!

So great! My first graders love them. They are the perfect size.

My Students LOVE Them

These have been great for my students to use when dysregulated and they need a "feeling friend" to help them. Also have been great to sit on for students while we read the Emotion Spot books!

*SET* BIG Plush Emotion

9 MINI Feeling Plush Toys with A Little SPOT of Feelings With Activity Book Box Set

8 MINI Emotion Plush Toys with A Little SPOT of Feelings Hardcover Book Box Set

A Little SPOT of Life Skills Box Set (8 Books: Courage, Perseverance, Teamwork, Talent, Thankful, Optimism, Creativity, & Giving)

Love it!

I started using it with my class of 4 and 5 year olds.

Scribble Stones

Scribble Stones

Super activity

My grandchildren really liked the book, and they were very excited about the coloring pages. Thank you.

Scribble Stones
Geraldine Harrison

Bought this for a friend with 4 small grandchildren. As a former teacher, she enjoys doing creative activities with them. This would be ideal.

Love them

Perfect companion to the SPOT books. My kids love them!

A big hit!!

My students and I love the new plushies! Everything from Diane is fantastic and helps my students to identify and process feelings!


They're a bit tightly woven, so not as plushy/squishy or soft which would allow them to be a better sensory tool, but cute.

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