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Love it. Worksheets are easily accessible and undestandable.

I made a typo

I meant scribble

Another typo

It’s on confidence and anxiety.

Love this lanyard!!

My students were so excited to see my new lanyard. When they have trouble expressing their feelings verbally they just point to the spot.

The cards and topics are very engaging!

Social-Emotional Learning Educator’s Starter Kit

Exactly what we needed

We absolutely love this product. Next we are working for the mini spots.

Students to live the books and the activities are an added bonus.

Social-Emotional Learning Educator’s Starter Kit

Love it!

Great design!

MINI Happiness Plush Replacement

Worth every penny!

My kids absolutely love this book series! Whenever they have emotions, I have them pick out this book to try and recognize what they are feeling and then how we can help them achieve their calm/happy spot. If they’re having a tantrum, then I say, “I’m here and show me what spot you feel?” It’s been a game changer in our home!

9 mini spots and activity book

I purchased these spots to use with the emotion spots we have in our Kindergarten classroom. The students love them and they are a great resource for helping them Identify their feelings when the are struggling with the words to find how they are feeling. I have had students just get a mini spot and bring it to me and tell me this is how they are feeling. It starts a wonderful conversation. I also have used them with our lessons and activities.

Loved them !

Gave one each to my daughter’s 1st grade class. Much better than candy:)

soft cuddles

These pillows can be filled with a standard pillow if you don't mind a slight difference in form. The case is soft and the colors are bright.

Love the big spots!

These are SO soft and well-made. I can’t wait to use them in friendship circles at my school.

A Little SPOT of Emotion Box Set (8 Books: Anger, Anxiety, Peaceful, Happiness, Sadness, Confidence, Love, & Scribble Emotion)

A Little SPOT of Emotion Box Set (8 Books: Anger, Anxiety, Peaceful, Happiness, Sadness, Confidence, Love, & Scribble Emotion)

101 Get to Know Me Conversation Cards

I still have not received my full order.


In the videos and stories two more emotions are listed, orange and pink. It would be helpful if this reflected the other media.

getting to know you review

i love these as they are useful with the population of students i work with currently

Purchased the bundle (teachers guide, book set and flash cards) for my daughter who is graduating w/ an elementary education/special education degree. She was so excited to receive it, and absolutely LOVES it!

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