FOUR SPOT BOOK BOX SET BUNDLE plus sticker book!

Diane Alber

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Jessica holmes
The life lessons explained!

Finally a full set (continuing off of each book) of life lessons explained with kid examples! Very relatable and my kids keep asking for more.

Ken C.
Wonderful, helpful, dare I say necessary, books!

We have a very bright child who very quickly follows directions IF she knows why she should. These books give us and her a vocabulary and point of reference to talk about the why of emotions, feelings, responsibility, and more. They also consistently provide solid, practical startegies that children can use on their own with little prompting needed to handle situations that may be challenging. I am very grateful that these books were written, and my daughter loves them. She consistently asks us to read them and reads them herself, and uses the strategies and terminology in conversation and in asking questions. I can't give a better review than that. I highly recommend these books to anyone, and am considering borrowing some of my daughter's for my middle school classroom. Thank you!

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